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After all, what is a digital logistics network?

Receive new business opportunities using a digital logistics network, a logistics network
updated to today 's freight forwarding market.

Evolution of outdated logistics networks

You need to develop more partnerships, and are tired of the outdated logistics network you see in the market?

We are not only a list of freight forwarders

Our search algorithm ranks the best companies first, so you can be the first in your country and get quotations from more than 3.000 forwarders.

Transparent validation system

Have you ever wondered how your current logistics network validates their new members? In Parnity you can check all documents on the forwarder profile.

Technological platform

A platform built with the most modern technological concepts so you can spend less time finding the best partner for your forwarder.

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Evolution of logistics networks
Find and be found by forwarders, but faster!

Freight forwarders have an hectic schedule, the digital world came to help you to spend less time on simple tasks.

Human close support

Get access to a key account manager to ask for help, indications, or whatever you need to make better partnerships.

Ultra simple system

Find your next partner in less than 3 clicks, find complete information about the partners, and get faster quotations.

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Evolution of logistics networks
Manage your forwarder partners

Using spreadsheets to manage your freight forwarding partners?

Meet our system built exclusively to manage and analyze your forwarder partners, and increase your partnerships profitability.

Map your actual partners by quality, modal or region, etc.

Make data-informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date metrics

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CRM for forwarder partners

Receive shipments from more than 3.000 forwarders

Thousand of forwarders already receiving routing orders inside Parnity


Ha Noi, Vietnam

Grupo SGL International

Guatemala, Guatemala

Global Trade - ACG Centroamérica

Heredia, Costa Rica

IUNGO Logistics

Guadalajara, Mexico

Bon Marine Ltd

Varna, Bulgaria

Divitiae Global Express Ltd

Lagos, Nigeria

Multimodal Shipping & Logistics Limited

Dhaka, Bangladesh

BBC Logistics USA

Miami, United States

3p logistics UAB

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Interbal Ltda.

Santiago, Chile

What benefits will I have when joining Parnity?

Increase business Increase your
forwarder business
Increase my forwarder shipments
Gabriel Castillo

Grupo Linc

We increase our sales thanks to Parnity, is the perfect tool to expand our global network.

Appear on the search results, and be quoted by freight forwarders
Counting with more than 11000 searches by month, your forwarder will be eligible to receive part of those accesses
Pass through our transparent validation system, and gain trust to receive more quotations
Human close support will help you to improve your profile and visibility
Find forwarders Find forwarders to
handle your shipments
Find new forwarder partners
Simon Albert Gomes

Angel Shipping Limited

Parnity is great, the best platform for sourcing forwarding business. With the Trust Scan we have a quick solution for the challenge that is finding new forwarders. I highly indicate all forwarders to use it!

3.000 forwarders in more than 150 countries
Find a partner anywhere in the world in five seconds
Human close support will help you with your searching needs
A complete profile with reliable information will help you to make faster quotes
Find forwarders filtering by service, modal or city
Quote only validated forwarders, and check all documents that went through our transparent validation process
Add-on feature Manage partners Manage your freight forwarder partners
Book a demo
Vinicius Coimbra

NK Worldwide

I am the one who uses Parnity the most, and it has brought us facilities especially with the custom filters within countries. So far I have enjoyed the platform very much.

Map your actual partners by quality, modal or region, etc
Make sure your team only quotes selected partners, with incontestable credibility information
Collaborate with the whole company
Centralize all partnerships information in one single place
Make better decisions based on accurate, up-to-date metrics

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